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Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle, hands-on approach to healing that focuses on the nervous system allowing the body realign with health and vitality.  

Bodywork for trauma resolution sessions are offered with the intention of allowing clients to recover their energy, release chronic holding, pain and tension patterns, heal from anxiety, depression, burnout and overwhelm and nourish their resilience to stress. Over time, clients can develop a greater capacity for embodiment and self-regulation.

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Learn how to reduce the impact of doing the work you are called to do on your health and life. Discover why doing your own inner work is vital to your effectiveness and satisfaction as a practitioner. Practice self-care while earning continuing education credits.

We offer classes and workshops for practitioners and organizations working with traumatized populations. We also have offerings for individuals seeking to balance their boundaries and deepen their embodiment/meditation practice. 

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Is your care-giving work leaving you feeling exhausted? Stressed-out? Burned-out? Overwhelmed?  It’s ok. You’re doing hard work. It's not meant to be easy. And you're not alone.

We support healers, helpers and everyday heroes as they recover from compassion fatigue - burnout and secondary traumatic stress. We help our clients recover their energy, nourish their resilience to stress and become empowered in their health so they can enjoy their lives and continue to do the work they love.

“Work is love made visible”
— Khalil Gibran

New workshop! - trauma & your body

Interested in creating a workshop for your group or organization to learn about how our bodies are affected by trauma? We'll work with you to create a custom presentation, all you have to do is send us an email telling us a little about your group to get started. 

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