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Trauma Sensitive Bodywork sessions are offered with the intention of allowing you to recover your energy, balance your boundaries, release chronic holding, pain and tension patterns, heal from anxiety, depression and overwhelm and nourish your resilience to stress.

Over time, clients can develop a greater capacity for embodiment and self-regulation.

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Learn how to reduce the impact of doing the work you are called to do on your health and life. Discover why doing your own inner work is vital to your effectiveness and satisfaction as a practitioner. Practice self-care while earning continuing education credits.

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Grounding and clearing sessions are offered for healing arts and helping professionals to support your sensitive bodies, align your energy, nourish your resilience to stress and become more empowered in your health so you can find more ease in your life and work.


Tele Darden is the heart of Nourish Resilience.

She is a Registered Craniosacral Therapist and Maryland Licensed Massage therapist.

Tele sees clients in her bodywork practice, regularly teaches at the Holistic Massage Training Institute and offers embodied workshops for healers in her Parkville, MD office. 


“Work is love made visible”
— Khalil Gibran