K.S., Somatic Therapist

"The work you did last night was so powerful. It left me wanting more. I'm practicing patience, being present as my body continues to heal and curious as to how far it will go. I must say that the neuropathy in my left leg, from nerves cut during surgery, is much improved after yesterday's session and localized to around the joint itself. Also the neck/shoulder pains I've had for quite a while are not present today. The pain in my feet is still there but not as intense. Curious to see if it will continue to resolve or if I need more help from your healing hands. "

M.R., Occupational Therapist 

"Tele provides a combination of energizing bodywork and insightful education for healers and caregivers to de-stress and recover their energy from compassion fatigue/ burnout."

A.E., Massage Student

"Just had to let you know- I am still feeling very pleasant. I noticed on my ride home a lack of anxiety and tenseness that I typically feel that has become so usual that I'd become unaware of it. I feel lighter and more free. Sometimes it's hard because I feel like I need to have one of those messy, deep, ugly, painful crying episodes to let things go because that serves some purpose...but I'll only do that on my own usually at the worst time- when things get to the point where that's the only way "it" knows how to come out.
I feel like today's session was so beautiful because nothing was forced or pulled out...I didn't have to say or do anything I didn't want to- but I certainly feel that some things left my body that it had been holding onto. Things that I needed to help me feel safe and secure but I can hear those words you said to me and I suppose I realized that I don't need to hold all of that anymore.
Although I am seemingly trying, I can't properly put into words how amazing today was for me. I feel so blessed to have you in my life. Thank you for helping me heal, it means the world.
My heart right now- for so long was so heavy yet empty and now feels light but filled with love for myself and my own body. I look forward to enjoying these feelings- and knowing that I can return for more work as needed."  - A.E. 

G.B., Bodyworker 

"Tele brings an amazing depth of knowledge to every session. More than just knowledge though, Tele has a sense of presence, a kindness to her spirit that she relates through her touch. I always feel held, supported, and encouraged to let go of whatever patterns and anchors may be holding me back. When I have time with Tele, I know that I will process the things that are ready to be released. Tele has become someone who I can turn to for consistent support and strength."