The Embodied Healer is for soul-centered professionals committed to more fully showing up for themselves and the people they serve. 

If you’re a practitioner who is ready to expand your capacity to live and give with even more ease, authenticity and compassion as you grow your practice, Welcome.

You know you can only take your clients as far as you’ve gone yourself. 

You also know walking the healer’s path requires an unwavering commitment to your own healing.    

If you want to facilitate positive outcomes for your clients AND have success in your business,

 It is vital to continue the inner work of deepening your connection with yourself. 

This six-part immersive workshop series is for you if… 

  • You’ve been feeling  stressed-out, burned-out or overwhelmed.

  • You feel like you’ve been taking on too much from your clients.

  • You’ve been feeling isolated in your work.

  • You’re ready to grow your practice in a grounded way and deepen your understanding of and care for yourself.

  • You’re ready to move into the next level of your own healing work and are looking for guidance and support.

Come and gather with a small group of like-minded practitioners and learn foundational skills to reclaim your energy and clear the places where you’ve been carrying the energy, stories and symptoms of others. Learn more about how your inner world affects your outer success and become more in alignment with the vision you have for your work.

Photo by  Eli DeFaria  on  Unsplash

Photo by Eli DeFaria on Unsplash

Over three months we’ll explore:

•  Experiential, embodiment meditations that explore the energetics, anatomy and physiology of visceral organs and body systems.

• Time to deeply connect with yourself, recover your energy and continue to learn the subtle language of the body so you can be more present and "tuned in" to what you AND your clients need.

• Discussion around how to use trauma-informed theory and the chakra system as a framework to create more aligned personal and professional boundaries

• Exercises for reflection on how your unresolved history and shadow dynamics can show up in your sessions and business practices and how to recognize and transform them before they disrupt the therapeutic relationship or hijack your success.   

• Self-care practices to support your healing and growth as you expand your capacity to serve.

The Details:

Where:  In person at Nourish Resilience (Parkville, MD). 

What: Seven 90-minute sessions over three months. 

When: 9:30-11:00am. Tentative dates: 3/27/19; 4/3/19;  4/17/19;  5/1/19;  5/15/19;  5/29/19; 6/12/19 

Cost: A one time payment of $260 or three monthly payments of $87.