The Embodied Healer

This is self-care made easy. Learn new ways to balance your boundaries for healing work, nourish your resilience to stress and reduce the impact of your work on your health and life.

Each week we explore a different body system and it's associated boundaries through experiential meditation. 

This hour long drop-in class meets once a week for 7 weeks. $20 cash, $30 check or card. Classes can be taken individually or as a series.

In this course you will discover: 

  • Experiential meditations to reconnect with your body and recover your energy.
  • How to use the chakras as a framework to set new personal and professional boundaries with ease.
  • Basic anatomy and the subtle language of your body so you can be more "tuned in" to what you need.

This class is for you if:

  • You're a professional or volunteer caregiver, activist, helper or healer. 
  • You're interested in learning more about how your body is connected to your mental and emotional well-being.
  • You feel over-worked, stressed-out, burned-out, overwhelmed, stuck or exhausted and want to learn new and easy ways to renew your energy and move forward in your life and work.
  • You want to start or deepen your meditation practice. 
  • You want to refine and integrate your boundaries allowing for greater compassion in your personal and      professional life. 
  • You're interested in spiritual growth, energy medicine or how trauma impacts the body. 

Class Outline: (week: theme: body system :boundary discussed) 

Week one: Nourish your root: Bones, Kidneys: Self-Care

Week two: Navigating emotional waters: Lymphatic/Immune System: Discernment

Week three: Expand your power: Digestive System: Balancing power differentials in healing work

Week four: Listen to your heart: Cardiovascular System: Compassionate caregiving

Week five: Use your voice: Throat, Neck, Jaw, Shoulders: How to be a neutral witness

Week six: Craft your vision: Endocrine System:  Finding your healer persona

Week seven: Open to inspiration: Nervous system: Wise use of intuition

Cost: Introductory Price of $20 cash, $30 check or card per class -  pay as you go. 


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