The symptoms of burnout and secondary traumatic stress don't have to last forever.

Over time, it's possible to heal and emerge as more consciously embodied and purposefully aligned with your vision for your vocation.  

preventing compassion fatigue on the front lines

A Workshop for Social Justice Workers & Activists. 

We offer a trauma-informed, somatic approach to understanding why compassion fatigue happens, why folks on the front lines of social justice work can be at higher risk for developing symptoms of burnout and vicarious traumatization and how to use a mind-body approach to prevent and heal from it.

Workshops can last anywhere from 2 -6 hours and can include:

  • How trauma is held in the body; 
  • How our own experiences of oppression, violation and marginalization can put us at greater risk for developing symptoms and impact our ability to hold clear boundaries;
  • What gets in the way of our self-care and how to make a plan that works;
  • How to protect ourselves from taking on the trauma/story/energy of others;
  • Why our bodies resonate with client/patient trauma and tools to recognize it before it depletes us;
  • Self assessment to evaluate compassion satisfaction, burnout and secondary traumatic stress;
  • How to utilize embodied listening skills to ameliorate the symptoms of vicarious traumatization (secondary traumatic stress);
  • Experiential meditation and somatic practices 

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Compassion Fatigue Healing Sessions - DIstance

Individual sessions take place via skype or phone and focus on clearing and realigning the places where your body holds the residual effects from client/patient trauma and workplace pressure. We work together to help you increase your body awareness as you integrate the old protection patterns of your nervous system that get in the way of being able to live and work with clarity and presence. 

Using somatic awareness, energy work and guided imagery, these sessions help you stay grounded, clear the places where you're holding the stories of others, heal past boundary violations, and nourish your resilience to stress, burnout, overwhelm, and secondary traumatic stress. 

Clients with busy schedules and clients outside of the Baltimore-Washington area will find this to be a convenient way to continue their healing. 

45, 60 and 90 minutes sessions. Free phone consultations available. Sliding Scale fees available for clients working directly with traumatized populations. 

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Embodied Compassion Fatigue Education for Mental Health Practitioners  

If you knew that even on your busiest days with your toughest clients/patients/students you could feel whole and energized at the end of the day, would it change the way you looked at your practice?

This compassion fatigue workshop is for any mental health practitioner with a desire to become more patient, grounded and compassionate in their professional lives. 

$110- 6 CE's available for Social Workers, Psychologists & Maryland Licensed Counselors.  


guided Meditation 

This guided grounding and clearing meditation can help to begin clearing the effects of burnout and secondary traumatic stress.