Healing for Healers - DIstance Sessions

If you’re a sensitive or empathic person practicing the healing arts, you know your body sometimes needs more rest, more clearing and grounding than others. If your work or relationships are leaving you feeling exhausted or overwhelmed, it’s normal to need more support to be able to navigate life with presence and clarity.

Using somatic awareness, energy medicine and guided imagery, these sessions help you get grounded, clear the places where you're holding the stories and energy of others, balance and repair your boundaries, and nourish your resilience to stress, burnout, overwhelm, and secondary traumatic stress. 

We connect over the phone and focus on helping you become even more present as you clear and realign the places where your body is holding the residual effects from client/patient/community trauma and workplace pressure. We work together to help you increase your body awareness as you integrate the old protection patterns of your nervous system that get in the way of being able to live and work with ease. 


guided Meditation 

This guided grounding and clearing meditation can help to begin clearing the effects of burnout and secondary traumatic stress.