Grounding & Clearing Meditation for Difficult Days

What does it mean to 'ground'?

It means being fully present in our bodies and having a sense that our feet are "on the ground." It can also include finding a connection to the earth or more simply, to the bones of the body. Grounding forms the foundation of and creates a container for heart centered work. In our bodies, our hearts are the integrators between what we give and what we receive. That happens physically, through oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange, emotionally as our bodies transform empathy in compassion and energetically as we draw energy up through the root chakra and let it move out through the heart. When we're grounded, we resonate with stability and security. Just through the simple act of being fully present, our clients physiology will begin to entrain with our stability and they can begin to access a felt sense of security and safety even before we offer one touch or word.

What does it mean to 'clear'? 

It means to take a minute to mindfully check in with yourself and notice where you're holding tension and thoughts from interpersonal interactions and then finding of felt sense of letting them go so that you can move forward with clarity. Our role as healers isn't to do the work for our clients, but instead to be able to sit with them while they find their own path. Sometimes, when we're stressed or when our own histories aren't fully integrated, we have to make more of a conscious effort to clear ourselves. When our clients' present mirrors our past and when interactions with co-workers test our boundaries, it becomes even more important so that we don't carry the residue of our days home with us.

In this easy embodiment meditation we ground, nourish and support our bodies as we clear ourselves of any depleting thoughts, images or sensations leftover from difficult days.