Compassion Fatigue is a Call

What if the components of compassion fatigue - burnout and secondary traumatic stress are more than just an accepted consequence of the job?  What if they are a wake up call, an opportunity to mature in our chosen vocations and move deeper into our own healing, resolve our own trauma and set healthier boundaries in our personal and professional lives?

Our bodies resonate with the trauma of the people and communities we serve when we're overwhelmed, undernourished and when our own own histories are unresolved. 

There is hope. We must be brave enough to do our own inner work, go beyond treating just the symptoms and get to the root cause of the patterns that cause us distress. 

With enough timesafetycare and attention we can heal the effects of stress, burnout, overwhelm and trauma in our bodies. We can emerge more consciously embodied and purposefully aligned with our vision for our vocations. 

We can learn how to witness suffering without it taking a toll on our our health. 

We believe that when professional caregivers are actively engaged in their own healing process, they become a stronger, more effective, more compassionate resource for the populations they serve. 

We work with social workers, mental health practitioners, health care professionals, corrections officers, clergy, first responders, teachers, acupuncturists, social justice activists, organizers, lawyers, bodyworkers, family caregivers, animal welfare workers, community leaders and organizations offering direct service to traumatized populations.

We work with anyone who wants their caregiving work to be a less stressful, less intrusive, more integrated part of their life.