Bodywork for the Resistance

We can begin to unfold our inner landscapes and rewrite the territory of our Selves, especially around the places in our bodies where we have internalized our own “otherness”, oppression and marginalization - because the unseen and unhealed places that live in our shadows prevent us from being fully present to do the work we are compelled to do.

Understanding Anxiety & Your Body

Anxiety is often thought of as a mental health issue, but if you live with it, you understand it's not just in your head, it also takes a toll on your body. Maybe it feels like a tightness in your gut and across your chest. Maybe your heart races and your neck and shoulders feel tight. Since anxiety affects our bodies and minds, in order to effectively treat it, we need to address both the physical and mental symptoms.

I'm out of the Pain Management Game

"When we are constantly striving to be better, there’s no time to accept ourselves exactly as we are. When we look for outward transformation or the elimination of difficult symptoms without being grounded in the full acceptance of our current state, we stop listening to what's really needed and what we create manifests as empty and fragile."